Every human being wants to be happy. That is his/her Mission and Final Path.

For PanaceAM the Path to Supreme Happiness has two wings: Self-realization and Universal Welfare.

Both are necessary and if one is missing or destroyed, the other will not be there. Both must exist and must be nurtured with seriousness, determination, sincerity, and perseverance. Its culmination will be the end of all suffering – whether personal or social – and the achievement of Supreme Happiness.


There comes a moment in life when, for unknown reasons, each human feels as if ‘something’ is lacking. So he/she looks for that ‘something’ in a relationship, children, money, power, fame, study, sport, travel, work, vices, but nothing and no one satisfies it. Disappointed, as if by magic, the questions arise: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What is this universe? Why am I in this world? What is my relationship with this world and with others?

The search for these answers is the sign that the Consciousness of Self has awakened in him or her.

Universal Welfare

Universal Welfare – along with Self-realization – is the other main component to achieving the perfect balance. It represents ‘The World’, the giving, the serving, and the fighting so that in all creation and among all beings there is harmony and social justice.

How to integrate and balance Self-realization and Universal Welfare?

As much as you can strive with your spiritual practices (meditation, asanas, fasting, and many others) without fighting for Universal Welfare, you can not achieve Self-realization. To approach the Supreme Being you must also please Him by serving His creation.

And, in the same way, just fighting for His creation, without meditating on Him you can not serve selflessly either, because you would lack the right ideation and motivation to do so.

Thus, both are necessary. Purify the mind, maintaining the constant ideation in the Supreme Being (Self-realization) and selflessly serving all His creation (Universal Welfare).