Would you go to see a soccer game where the players run but there are no goals nor the possibility of scoring?

Would you start a trip without having a clear objective, moving around without meaning or knowing where you are going?

If you still do not know what your Life Purpose is, you are like that party or traveler. You are moving and experimenting but are you approaching your goal? Without knowing what it is, where are you going and why do you live? Why are you running, achieving, trying and suffering so much if you do not know for what? And why are you wasting your precious time and Life? Sometimes your life seems already organized, everything ‘seems’ perfect, but you know that something is missing, that you do not feel satisfied … Why?

Having clear objectives is a prerequisite for success but, sadly, 95% of people do not have them.

For whom do those 95% work?

For the 5% who DO have them!

From an economic point of view, have you ever calculated how much is the waste of energy, time and money in undertaking something and leaving it without reaching the success that you had in mind? How much would you save financially if you could focus on something that you will continue knowing that ‘this is IT’? For whatever kind of success you are looking for – be it economic, career or internal – knowing where you are going can change your life forever, giving you a clear direction and vision and a ‘manual’ of instructions that you now lack. Can you imagine a better financial decision than that?

Or how many projects do you start with enthusiasm, only to throw in the towel after some months or years, feeling that you failed, and with low self-esteem because you were not able to achieve it?

Or how do you feel when, moving without meaning towards nothing, your family or friends do not respect you because you fail to prosper?

Or how do you continue to change partners – with a very high emotional cost – because you are not clear about how much you are worth and what you really want?

Or when you have many interests, ideas or ventures and do not know where to focus? When you like everything and all of it seems interesting, positive and potential? You throw yourself into too many things and -without becoming good at anything-you waste your valuable energy on thousands of activities. It is true, you get a superficial knowledge in many things, but in the end do you achieve something concrete or big? And that paralyzes you, you feel blocked … unable to act … with life passing you by, not knowing what to do …

Does this sound familiar to you?

You and I know, because Life pushes you like leaves in the wind, that desires do not always come true. And while we  know that it is true that there are many things that you can not control, it is also true that many actions and events do depend on you. It is the latter who contributes to making your life a pleasant, prosperous and happy journey. It is the latter – because of being conquered by your effort – that gives you the satisfaction and passion that inspire you, push you and give you a satisfying sense of existence.

How about finding you the knowledge to understand your Life Purpose and the final direction of your existence?

How about learning how to create your Philosophy of Life that, like a compass, will guide you towards your Goal and that will also protect you from the obstacles and challenges that you will have to face?

And how about entering a Flow – that until now is unfamiliar to you – in which you feel fulfilled, calm and where everything vibrates in a way that you have never experienced?

A sailor follows the Pole Star and a compass in order to not get lost. And which are the Pole Star and the Compass of your life? They are your Purpose and Philosophy of Life that I invite you to find as soon as possible.

Live with the satisfaction of being able to say, with clarity and conviction: “This is what I want” … and walk towards that success that you deserve.

Find your Purpose and the Polar Star of your existence, create your new you, and give yourself your New Life!